In 2015, COXANG established. And the very first product, COXANG CoxWatch, was born. Hard work pays off, CoxWatch is well received in the market for its quality and affordable price. Even since, COXANG has been releasing CoxWatch Pro and CoxWatch 2, and other several series to meets different customers’ different needs.

Coxang devotes itself to providing quality and affordable sport smart watch for worldwide customers and retailers, and aims to be one of most prestigious companies in the industry.

Coxang prides itself on offering quality products and hazard-free service. Becoming a worldwide well-known brand is every new brand’s dream and original&ultimate goal, which cannot be accomplished without our valuable users’ support. Hence, offering quality products and hazard-free service is our priority, which is what every shopper looking for when make a purchase.

We are sincerely grateful to our customers and partners. Your support is one of the most powerful energy to push us positively forward. We exist because of you.

COXANG offers luxurious items, but in-luxurious prices.